Since 1993

Legal Services:

  • Business agreements
  • Resolution of business disputes
  • Legal risk management
  • Insurance recovery for policyholders
  • Mediator services

Let us navigate your policies

We can help you recover what your insurers promise to provide but do not deliver.

through the fog.

An insurance policy is a bundle of rights, like any other contract.  The full extent of those rights often is hidden in a fog of strange language.  The coverage granted to the policyholder in a standard insuring agreement may appear limited or taken back altogether by the tricky bits found in a policy's definitions, conditions, exclusions, and endorsements.  This typical complexity encourages insurers to reserve rights in all but the clearest of circumstances and often to limit or decline coverage when instead they should provide it in full.

We avoid the shoals so you can keep your business moving forward.

The route to coverage is not always clear or easy, but it is worth the voyage, just as your business is worth the risks you insured against.

Get what you paid for.


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